Budget assistant

The budget assistant of PROBIS Expert allows you to link the defined budget with orders and accounting data. Calculate the actual values back to your budget at any time and evaluate the budget data in the course of cost management. emproc, as an experienced quantity surveyor, supports customers in determining the budgets of the individual allocation units on the basis of the performance tendered or to be tendered and taking into account the approved overall budget. Deviations of the construction target from the approved cost base are shown with the help of the budget assistant and the resulting additional and reduced costs are determined.


Define an individual allocation limit value as the guideline for commissioning services and create a cost recovery statement taking into account the bids reviewed. Use the budget assistant to define the budget bases, coordinate them with emproc project cost targets and ensure that they are met. The defined and budgeted project costs (cost planning) are controlled via filter criteria in PROBIS Expert, and the cost calculations are linked via the budget assistant with allocation units, orders and titles.


The competence and many years of experience of the emproc experts as well as the transparency of your budget throughout all project phases form the basis for maximum cost security for your projects. Through permanent trend analyses in cost planning and control, PROBIS Expert detects undesirable developments in good time and creates the conditions for effective controlling. Transparent budgeting using the budget assistant is the basis for cross-project multi-project controlling.

budget assistant