The automated cash outflow planning with the cash flow tool from PROBIS Expert on the basis of execution times, actual accounting and open amounts ensures your financing at an early stage. The distribution of open items is freely selectable – according to Gaussian distribution, linear or manual distribution over months, quarters or annual segments.


  • Secure financing at an early stage
  • Automated cash flow planning
  • Freely selectable distribution of open items


The planning of the outflow of funds or the planning of the demand for funds is a necessary prerequisite to determine, on the basis of current and real entities, at what time in the future, what amount of financial resources must be available. By planning the outflow of funds it is possible to secure the financing of the construction project at any time. At the same time, it allows an overview of not providing too many funds whose interest affects the project costs.


The PROBIS Expert controlling software calculates the specific funding requirements in order to secure your financing at an early stage.


Open positions can be freely selected by project developers and project controllers with the controlling tool and the funds required can be displayed transparently in graphical and tabular form.

Cash Flow Tool