Change management

Transparent tracking and management of deviations from the defined budget via the change management process in PROBIS Expert (pre-capturing the change, reviewing, budgeting, approving and accounting for the change) in order to be able to react to cost changes at any time.


Real estate projects generate data that reflect evolving processes. PROBIS Expert supports you with standardized process instructions in order to track all changes to a project in a targeted and complete manner.


The change management process can be documented and evaluated in a structured manner, from the preliminary recording of the change through to invoicing.


With PROBIS Expert, changes to the cost structure can be recorded as updates. Changes can be maintained directly in PROBIS Expert, or they can be imported from a third-party system (Excel/CSV, etc.) using the import function.


Once a change has been created in the system, it can be approved by a check.

Updating the budget through changes

Traceability and consistency

The change management process is standardized so that changes can be traced categorically. Traceability and consistency of the project sums of these changes is given by the controlling software.


The premises of change management in PROBIS Expert are transparency, traceability and your cost security.

Budget overview

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