Cost prognosis

PROBIS Expert presents the cost forecast of a project and determines the construction and ancillary construction costs, taking into account already allocated contracts and risks. The individual forecast evaluation of supplements, additional cost reporting and order-related provisions is possible across projects, as is the individualised forecast tracking and control via reporting (traffic light function, display of over- and undercoverage of order and invoice amount in relation to the budget).


The forecast is your view into the future. The forecast is the cost forecast that you receive in PROBIS Expert through intelligent calculations and your experience. Imagine you are always comparing your current payment status with your current budget, then you lose important information. Cost tracking according to the budget cannot take expected values into account and only represents the current status quo. Benefit from the cost forecast of PROBIS Expert, which helps you to take a look into the future.


The flexible structure of PROBIS Expert allows the company-specific presentation of your cost forecast. PROBIS Expert enables you to structure all relevant project information according to your needs at any time, thus making it easy to handle the forecast. The controlling software provides project developers, project controllers and banks with a flexible cost control system for an overview of your costs and the associated forecast.

Project forecast