Aggregated cost data via the self-defined dashboard provide an overview of the status of your data for one or more projects. Model user-defined project information about the current project status with PROBIS Expert.

Using the dashboard, analysis results can be visualized using graphics to show the current cost development (project totals, budget, order status, cash flow, forecast, key figures, early warning system).

Project analysis

The Dashboard is the cockpit of your individual project analysis. This is where the data that you need to assess your project at a glance flows together.


You can freely model the dashboards to get an overview of the status of an individual project or project portfolio, and you can define diagrams and graphics to display the current cost development (order status, cash flow, forecast, key figures) yourself.


For example, you can track the number of cost elements or unchecked invoices in your project so you can see what tasks still need to be done. The timeliness of the project status is crucial, guaranteed by the dashboard’s timely updating and intelligent project calculation.

Project sums

The project sums represent the current cost status of your projects. In doing so, the most important parameters of the project are taken into account, both timely and up-to-date. In addition to the current budget, order, supplementary and invoice values, the current payment status and the project forecast are also displayed.


The dashboard is individualized, composed of standardized modules and offers you an overview of all relevant project data.