Early warning systems

PROBIS Expert enables customer-specific evaluation of your digital cost data. Early warning systems facilitate cost control and decision making. Freely definable threshold values for the traffic light functions lead to error minimization and cost security.


Minimizing risks and increasing cost security does not mean completely preventing your risks. It is more important to identify any risks at an early stage in order to actively counter them. PROBIS Expert follows this approach and offers functionalities that can be used as indicators for risks. An automated early warning system is created, which informs the customer if costs are exceeded.

project sums

Traffic light function

The traffic light function – The traffic light function offers, according to the functionality of a traffic light, the symbolic representation of project risks. The classic colour distribution, green = OK, yellow = Caution and red = Warning, indicates the extent to which your project is affected by risks. The traffic light function is the standard function of the multi-project view and indicates the relationship between budget and forecast. In addition, the traffic light function can be freely defined in almost any view according to your wishes. The functionality is not limited to comparing the budget and the forecast, other indicators are also possible.


The “red line” indicates the overrun of the budget by one of the parameters order/supplement, invoice, payment and forecast. The graphic representation allows to keep an eye on the important parameters of the project sums at all times.


Since the timely identification of project risks is essential, PROBIS Expert offers the mechanisms of early identification of potential project risks through indicators and early warning systems.

traffic light function