Filter criteria

Use PROBIS Expert to evaluate the status of your data in real time via customer-specific reporting using flexible filter criteria. Filter criteria that can be created individually (e.g. DIN, location, planner, company, cost unit, level, etc.) create a structure that can be filtered at will and through which a project can be specifically represented.


Link the structure of your filter criteria with your budget elements and then with orders and titles, so that your individual data can be evaluated individually according to requirements.


You can define any structure, from DIN standards, levels and companies to cost units, planners or components. There are no limits to any structure.
For example, if you assign a component identifier to each budget element using the filter criteria, this assignment is copied to the orders. After the invoices have been settled using the orders, you can evaluate them using the filter criteria and receive a settlement total for each base planning object.
Using PROBIS Expert Reporting, you can document the structures of the filter criteria and create flexibility in your financial reporting.


The flexibility of PROBIS Expert’s reporting system helps you to define standard reports and to have the option of individualized and project-specific evaluation via the filter criteria.


The filter criteria or catalogs allow you to implement any possible structure in your project.

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