Follow-up management

The status of your supplementary data can be tracked in real time via PROBIS Expert’s customer-specific reporting and compared as well as evaluated with the planned budgets.


Supplementary administration and forecasting are guaranteed by various statuses of the supplementary management – from the supplementary provision (reserve) to expected supplements to the evaluation of the submitted supplementary claims. Individualized tracking of your data via supplement management (incl. main order with orders and supplements) and control of the status of each supplement at title level with all detailed information possible.


The supplement represents a subsequent change to the contract, i.e. an agreed subsequent change. The supplement sum must be shown separately, as a supplement bears the risk of incurring additional costs for the project. Explicit supplement management with different statuses and a separate assessment of the supplementary claim protects you from this risk.


PROBIS Expert knows different statuses and differentiates between the inclusion of supplements in the total project costs. A cancelled supplement must be presented differently from a checked supplement. This, in turn, must be displayed differently from a submitted supplement. You benefit from the flexibility that PROBIS Expert offers you, as you can also display statuses that occur in reality in the program.

Thanks to the standardized reporting system of PROBIS Expert, the supplement overview also allows separate controlling of all supplements.


Title budgeting at the finest level enables you to budget and control supplements that receive a budget (expected additional services). The supplements are not displayed separately, but are included with the main order in the overall order and thus form the reliable basis for controlling compliance with the budget through the order forecast. Supplements are also included in the forecast in PROBIS Expert, if you have a status that allows this, and thus flow into the overall concept of cost controlling.



Standardized and flexible supplement management by PROBIS Expert leads to early consideration of risks and possible additional costs and thus guarantees transparency and cost security.