Multi-project view

The multi-project view is the tool for individual cost control of a project or the site plan of your real estate portfolio. Multi-project controlling with PROBIS Expert offers a complete overview of your project totals for your real estate portfolio, the possibility of cross-project evaluations, the target/actual comparison between individual projects and defines cost benchmarks as the basis for further cost calculations.


The multi-project view optimizes the processes by combining technical and business requirements into one overall system The multi-project view offers the possibility of selecting individual projects from your project portfolio and evaluating them against each other, e.g. filtering all your projects according to attributes/dimensions – Function: Office – Country: Austria – Catalogue: DIN cost group 300, building costs.


Cross-project multi-project controlling and monitoring of portfolios and projects by any number of dimensions:


– cost group DIN/ÖNORM
– standard service book
– capital expenditure Totex (Capex, Opex, TI etc.)
– company
– cost unit
– total investment costs GIK
– component
– planners
– levels
– arbitrarily expandable filter criteria etc.


multi-project view

Project development

The project development shows you at a glance how the parameters of the project (budget / order / supplements / forecasts / invoice and payment) develop. You can choose between a graphical or tabular representation to obtain the appropriate modality that will make your multi-project evaluation successful.

project development in tabular form

Project sums

The project sums represent the current cost status of your projects. In doing so, the most important parameters of the project are taken into account, both timely and up-to-date. In addition to the current budget, order, supplementary and invoice values, the current payment status and the project forecast are also displayed.

project sums

project traffic light

The indicators of the multi-project overview warn of possible risks. The project traffic light shows the relationship between the budget and the current forecast by means of the typical colour structure (red/yellow/green). If the quotient of the two parameters exceeds a value defined by you, the project traffic light indicates this. The indicative “red line” is also present in the project totals, which makes it clear that the budget has been exceeded by one of the parameters order/supplement, invoice, payment and forecast.


The multi-project view is more than just the selection list of your projects, it is the first instance of your multi-project controlling and the first step towards maximum project success.

project development graphic