For developers, banks and investors, the focus is on the effectiveness and cost transparency of an entire project portfolio. The cloud-based multi-project controlling of the digital platform fulfils various functions to ensure the comprehensive coordination of all financial processes and benchmark analysis:



  • Overview of the project totals of all real estate projects
  • Evaluation according to n-dimensions (DIN, TOTEX, company etc.)
  • Possibility of cross-project evaluations
  • target-performance comparison between individual projects
  • Definition of cost parameters (benchmarks) as a basis for further cost calculations.



PROBIS Expert offers the possibility to select projects from a portfolio and evaluate them against each other, such as filtering all your projects according to any number of project attributes or dimensions.



Example project attributes for cross-project multi-project controlling and monitoring:



  • Country
  • Region/city
  • Funds
  • Editor
  • Function (commercial, retail, residential, micro apartments)



Example dimensions for cross-project multi-project controlling and monitoring:



  • Cost group DIN/ÖNORM
  • Standard Service Book
  • Capital expenditure Totex (Capex, Opex, TI etc.)
  • Company
  • Cost unit
  • Total investment costs GIK
  • Component
  • Equity (EK) / Borrowed capital (FK)
  • Planner
  • Level
  • Arbitrarily expandable filter criteria etc.