Order management

PROBIS Expert enables the clear administration of orders with all titles including billing and freely definable contract conditions (individualizable invoice cover sheet and order master data) as well as their forecast control and evaluation at order and title level.


Dedicated order management by main order title, supplements to expected costs (supplement management, excess and shortfall quantities) as well as provision management (reserves, opportunities – risks) and administration of master data and guarantees via order management in PROBIS Expert.


Contracts as contractually agreed services between the contractor and client specify a project structure that requires control down to the lowest level (title level). The order management includes the complete processing of the data linked to the orders. In addition, there is the administration of supplements in the course of supplement management. Supplementary administration and forecasting of the respective status of the supplementary management – from the supplementary provision (reserve) via expected new applications to the evaluation of the submitted supplementary claims (status: reserve, budgeting, expected, registered, submitted, checked, commissioned and cancelled).


Administration and control

Evaluate the contractors with PROBIS Expert in addition to the contractually agreed services. Each order receives an individual invoice cover sheet, which enables the invoice totals to be calculated for the order.


In addition to the administration and control of the orders, the presentation of the orders is an important component of order management. Through standardized overviews, such as the order overview and supplementary overviews, it is possible to display the orders and their structure in report form.

title structure


The order management is linked with the reporting of the controlling software. By the standardized representations it is possible to guarantee a basis of the reporting and the order management, which makes the projects comparable among themselves and makes a current and fast accessible overview possible.

order overview

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