User control

Due to data protection regulations and responsibilities, it is important that projects are only viewed and edited by authorized persons. Compliance with your obligations is possible through the user control and the associated higher-level user list of PROBIS Expert.


The user control of PROBIS Expert enables you as administrator to create a superordinate user list of all users that are available on your server. Projects can then only be edited by users who exist in the user list.


You want to restrict the users even more individually and assign rights?


You can do this in the PROBIS Expert user control. It is possible to give or withdraw individual authorizations for each user. In this way, you can turn users into project administrators who are then administrators for the selected project or into project users who are allowed to work in the project but do not have administrator rights for the project.


Do you want individual project teams from your company to work on projects and these teams work together more frequently?


In PROBIS Expert you can create user groups that are assigned to projects. Each user can then be assigned or withdrawn individual rights. Users receive their authorizations primarily via group authorizations, but can be individually adapted so that you can also map the individuality of your projects in their user control.


The user control of PROBIS Expert allows you to assign rights and authorizations within a program, so that you can decide for yourself who receives which authorizations and responsibilities in your projects.

user control screen