Digital invoice run

The customizable software solution PROBIS Expert creates the central overview of your cost management from the budget to the digital invoice verification process to the final invoice via freely definable filter criteria. Benefit from considerable time savings through the automated invoice run with digital invoice data from third-party systems being made available to construction cost controlling in a timely manner.


Audited measurement data from another third-party system (AVA system) form the basis for invoice release. The integration results in efficient cost controlling, in which the data is collected only once and is available to all parties involved in real time.


By avoiding manual typing errors and unnecessary time expenditure, the automated interface to third-party systems guarantees that your invoices are imported quickly and correctly into PROBIS Expert.


In PROBIS Expert, transparent verification takes place. In doing so, the invoice can be provided with transit times and processors so that you always know who is processing the invoice and for how long. The invoice totals are calculated in PROBIS Expert using the customizable invoice cover sheet. Various deductions are displayed – retentions, discounts, cash discounts, and much more.

The invoice cover sheet can be sent directly as an e-mail or stored in your file directory as a PDF/Excel file. There are no unnecessary mountains of paper.
The invoice is released in PROBIS Expert after the examination. The invoice totals can then also be automatically forwarded to your booking system via an interface.


All changes to the invoice can be tracked in the invoice history. Not only the changes, but also the processor and the time of change are recorded.
Transparency and automation ensure minimum risk and maximum cost security in the digital invoice run.


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