Importer / Import function

Complex construction projects generate complex and extensive data sets.


To make these data sets available in PROBIS Expert, manual input is too time-consuming and error-prone. PROBIS Expert has a number of import functions that make it possible to import data from third-party systems.


Would you like to display invoice data in PROBIS Expert? Do you determine your budget using individual elements of a detailed cost calculation? Of course, you don’t want to lose the depth of detail of the extensive data records. Therefore, PROBIS Expert offers the possibility of importing the data sets in their entirety. The data is subjected to an extensive consistency check so that PROBIS Expert enables both completeness and data security.


In addition to the various individual interfaces from PROBIS Expert to third-party systems, the Excel/CSV interface is of particular interest for importing data records.


During the import, you use the Import Assistant to link the necessary software requirements with the data available to you. Changes can be made in the data set in PROBIS Expert before the import. The PROBIS Expert Import Assistant has a check function that checks your data record for data consistency and displays any inconsistencies so that you can correct them.


The import function of PROBIS Expert offers the possibility of time saving and data security due to the real tested and intelligent mechanisms and is thus a benefit for your projects.