Spreadsheet program (Excel)

By developing and implementing Excel interfaces, we link PROBIS Expert with probably the most well-known and widely used spreadsheet program in the world. The distribution and usability of Excel makes the interface from PROBIS Expert to Excel so attractive for PROBIS Expert. It is possible to import data from Excel as well as export data to Excel. The advantage of PROBIS Expert? PROBIS Expert is database-driven – not a spreadsheet program.


Excel spreadsheets are a simple and fast method of controlling budgets, orders and invoices. During the project period, however, the data masses become larger and larger and the overview can easily get lost, resulting in a certain error potential, and of course many intelligent calculation automatisms, early warning systems, overviews, graphics reports and many more are missing. PROBIS Expert helps to keep the overview in the project and to minimize error sources to a minimal level.


Among other things, it is possible to import cost calculations, cost estimates, orders and invoices from Excel into PROBIS Expert.


Import of creditors including list of project participants.


On the other hand, this data can also be exported from PROBIS to Excel, as can reports and invoice cover sheets.


File format: XSL, XLSX, CSV


If you would like to know more about the Excel interfaces in PROBIS Expert, please contact us without obligation. We will be happy to advise you!