PROBIS Expert’s customer-specific reporting enables you to evaluate the status of your data in real time and compare costs with planned budgets. emproc supports you in setting up your meaningful reporting system.


The controlling software provides cross-project statistics and analyses, for example of your cash flow, the forecast or a total cost overview as individual reports. Your key figures are prepared and presented for controlling purposes.


PROBIS Expert offers you the possibility to introduce a completely individual reporting culture for your decision making. Individualizable filter criteria make it possible to evaluate any entity in the projects. You link budget with the respective filter criteria (e.g. DIN 276, components, cost units, etc.).


In addition to the customizable cost report, PROBIS Expert has a large number of standard reports which you can adapt as required.



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Customise your Reports

Order, supplementary cost elements and invoice overviews are evaluated in a standardized manner and therefore provide a consistent basis for your monitoring and controlling.


PROBIS Expert’s ability to use reports both standardized and individualized means that it has all the cornerstones you need to build a meaningful reporting framework. Cost stability and transparency are of paramount importance. The cost report as the final output product of PROBIS Expert combines all information, cost status and forecast.


If you would like to find out more about the advantages of PROBIS Expert in reporting, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you!


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