The historisation of processes as a guarantee for transparency and traceability – PROBIS Expert ensures a high degree of traceability by historising the input of data, project calculations and changes to totals and values.


PROBIS Expert’s historisation functionality enables you to carry out continuous controlling over the entire project period and to present every change in a comprehensible manner.


A special feature in which the historisation of entries and changes is particularly apparent is the digital invoice run.


All changes to the invoice can be tracked in the invoice history. Not only the changes, but also the processor and the time of change are recorded.


Transparency and automation ensure minimum risk and maximum cost security in the digital invoice run.


The project history also shows why and when the project changed for core project totals, such as forecast, budget and payment status.


Through historization, PROBIS Expert and your projects gain the possibility of complete transparency and cost security through precisely defined responsibilities and dated cost statuses.