Evaluate cost data via the digital platform and compare costs and revenues with planned budgets.


PROBIS Expert provides the cross-project representation of:


  • Costs (Reliable monitoring of cost data)
  • Revenues (revenue planning and revenue control)
  • TARGET/ACTUAL analyses
  • Budgets (display n-determinations side by side)
  • Legal liabilities (order/supplement)
  • Expected additional costs
  • Forecasts
  • Cash flow/resource requirements planning
  • LTV (loan to value)
  • LTC (loan to cost)


Evaluate any level of your project costs through customizable filter criteria.


Revenue planning and revenue control can be managed individually.


Cost data for:


  • Rent
  • Purchases
  • Special requests
  • Distribution and counter claims including profit forecasts and profit tracking
  • Sales contract documents
  • Contract data
  • Benchmarks like BGF per usage


can be easily and reliably monitored.


Project developers, project controllers and banks benefit from the comprehensive cost and revenue reporting, which allows gross-net settlements to be displayed clearly and individually in both tabular and graphical form.

Presentation of payments within the project clock