Project clock and monitoring report


Monitoring Tool


PROBIS-Banks-IconPROBIS Banks is the monitoring tool for banks and Project Clock the reporting tool for monitors for lending financial institutions. The Project Clock provides an overview of indicative data that contributes to project security in the course of bank construction monitoring.


As banks rely on the technical expertise of project controllers from the construction industry for construction project financing due to amended minimum requirements for risk management requirements, emproc recommends the use of PROBIS Banks and the Project Clock. PROBIS Banks and the Monitoring Tool offer early risk identification, standardised control mechanisms and reporting on the basic cost, schedule and qualitative parameters of financing.

Project Clock


The Project Clock compares target values with current actual conditions and automatically takes the project progress into account. The module is flexible enough to be customized by the bank monitor. It retains control over indicators such as the project traffic light and reference values of the target status during the course of a project. The Project Clock is not only a clock and reporting vehicle in terms of design. It is also an alarm light and alarm clock if project status is critical.


Project security: The Project Clock provides an overview of the project. Indicators show users when a status is critical.


Automation: Data imports from PROBIS Banks will be carried out if possible.