Report configuration

PROBIS Expert’s customer-specific reporting enables you to evaluate the status of your data in real time and compare costs with planned budgets. emproc supports you in setting up your meaningful reporting system.


The controlling software provides cross-project statistics and analyses, for example of your cash flow, the forecast or a total cost overview as individual reports. Your key figures are prepared and presented for controlling purposes. The report configuration guarantees you the necessary individuality for your evaluations.


Reporting plays an important role in PROBIS Expert as it guarantees traceability, comparability and actuality of your cost data.


The report configuration of PROBIS Expert is your key to the individuality of your evaluations.


The cost report as the output product of PROBIS Expert is divided into up to six levels.


At the respective level, your content can be selected to structure the evaluation/report.


Not only can you select standardized evaluations such as “allocation units”, “orders”, “companies” or “budget”, but you can also evaluate them using your individually defined catalogs and filter criteria.


In addition, each level content can be further filtered. So you can filter out which contents of the level should be displayed. Thus it is possible to create evaluations for certain contents. An example of this is the evaluation via the allocation units. Here you can simply filter out the allocation units that you want to evaluate.


The report configuration has further features such as the creation of a table of contents, the filtering of the levels according to the valid positions, the display of the details down to the title level of an order, the consideration of cost estimates and the presentation of net or gross values.


Once you have found your suitable report configuration, you can save it as filter settings and access it at any time by clicking on it.

PROBIS Expert Reporting

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