Construction monitoring
for banks

Due to the amended MaRisk requirements, banks are dependent on the technical and digital expertise of project controllers from the real estate industry for construction project financing in order to create uniform standards based on existing norms. With PROBIS Banks and our decades of experience, we offer early risk identification, standardised control mechanisms and individual reporting (e.g. with the Project clock module for banks) on the cost, schedule and qualitative basic parameters of your project or portfolio. These digital processes give the financier security and enable active control of the use of funds. As a leading quantity surveyor and expert in multi project controlling, emproc has made a name for itself with banks and monitors in the field of bank controlling / construction monitoring.

With up to 100 completed controlling projects per year and monitoring experience from various major projects, the company’s own cost database and the associated benchmarks, emproc’s multi-project controlling experts are considered reliable consultants to banks and construction monitors.


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