As the leading quantity surveyor and cost controller in the real estate industry, we advise you on the digitalisation of your company and assist you in structuring and optimising your digital processes and overall control. Our customer service team provides expert advice on software implementation, process management and customer-focused training so that the use of the software leads to joint project success.
Our experienced consultants will help you introduce PROBIS-Expert and the associated applications by providing detailed analyses and support in optimising your controlling processes.


The decision for PROBIS Expert is not only a decision for the implementation of software, but also a decision for the adoption of structures and digital concepts. Software alone will not lead to project success. Cost security, risk minimization and revenues can only be guaranteed by good planning and structuring of your real estate projects.


With its self-developed controlling software, the company offers a complete range of services in contrast to its competitors on the market. With emproc system solutions for real estate and the other specialized sister companies, four emproc brands mutually enrich each other with experience and know-how and offer the entire range of services for the real estate industry – for the benefit of the customer.

We therefore not only provide the software developed by controllers for controllers, but also offer the consulting services that are necessary to work with you to find a structure that guarantees your project success.


It is irrelevant at which point in the project this consulting is used. No matter whether you want to start in the earliest phase and emproc carries out and supports the cost planning / quantity surveying, or whether your project has been running for years and you need a digital structuring of your processes and data.


The customer chooses the degree of support. emproc’s experts can provide the services you expect.