Data migration

We transfer your current or already billed projects to PROBIS Expert. Evaluate these old projects retroactively and compare them with other projects in the course of our multi-project report. Obtain a comprehensive overview of your real estate portfolio, the possibility of cross-project evaluations, the target/actual comparison between individual projects and defined cost parameters (benchmarks) as the basis for further cost calculations. Our experts take care of checking and migrating your data from legacy systems to PROBIS Expert as a standard service.


The consolidation of data from old applications and Excel files forms the basis of our migration and your cost security due to data consistency.


Data consistency is the key to cost security. Consistent data contains the necessary information to ensure transparency and completeness.


The specialists at PROBIS Expert check your project data for completeness before implementation and advise you on setting up new digital processes.

The form in which your data is available is not decisive. However, it is necessary that all variables are determined so that you receive a consistent, current and quality-assured database status.


Thanks to their experience, emproc’s experts can “think their way into” your inventory data particularly quickly in order to take over the verification for you.
With PROBIS Expert, we support and accompany you on your way to project success even before you start working on your project. Establishing the basics before working on the project is our top priority.


If you would like to know more about data migration from emproc and the PROBIS Expert specialists, please contact us (link) without obligation. We will be happy to advise you!

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