Process Mapping

emproc supports you during the process mapping, during the elaboration of how you can efficiently design your digital processes as well as workflows with PROBIS Expert. We define and plan what a business unit and its resources do, who is responsible for project implementation and according to which standard this digital business process should be completed.


In order to optimize your processes, it is important that the specialists from PROBIS Expert and emproc familiarize themselves with your processes and analyze them. Thanks to years of experience in major international projects, emproc’s experts can identify deficits in your workflows and support you in optimising them.

The definition and optimization of digital work processes ensures that responsibilities are clearly defined. Time delays can be avoided and your cost security increases. By optimising, for example, invoice verification processes, cash discount deadlines can be adhered to and unpleasant reminder charges can be avoided.


With the help of PROBIS Expert, not only the workflows of a single project can be standardized. The PROBIS Expert supported optimization of your processes allows you to apply them to all your projects, according to the premise of multi-project controlling.

If you would like to learn more about process mapping, please contact us without obligation. We will be happy to advise you!