Monitoring Day Samerberg from 18. -19. November 21 with Daniel Föst


Due to high capital applications, project developments or property developer investments are associated with high risks. Miscalculations at the beginning and in the course of a project can jeopardise its successful completion. The implementation of a well-founded construction monitoring of projects or portfolios is increasingly necessary to enable an early analysis of data and an efficient risk identification, because an active project control creates security for investors.


The Monitoring Day is an annual meeting and serves to disclose status, trends and an outlook on construction monitoring between financiers, developers and monitors in an open dialogue. This year, we are pleased to welcome Daniel Föst, regional chairman of the Bavarian FDP, as keynote speaker.


The platform has set itself the goal of establishing standardised performance profiles, a common understanding of the regulatory framework and digitalised monitoring processes. Other goals include the exchange of information on developments in in-process monitoring of costs, deadlines and qualities and the creation of uniform, digital standards for risk identification based on existing standards.


We at PROBIS are looking forward to the Monitoring Day on the Samerberg in the Duftbräu, which can be deducted as a training event.