The digitization of the construction industry – outlook 2030


Tenera asked 50 experts for the construction industry about their views, expectations and difficulties regarding the digitization of the industry. The result is an overview of the biggest digitization trends. This helps the reader to grasp the most important developments, obstacles and possible solutions to this complex topic.


Where will the construction industry be in 10 years? Can this be inferred today or is it just a wild guess? These are the questions addressed in this white paper. Fifty industry experts comment on the subject. Representatives of medium-sized businesses, associations, consultancies, developers, professors and founders share their opinions on the status quo, the biggest trends and their future prospects. For an even more detailed insight, an online survey was also conducted, the results of which support the expert statements. The result is an overview of the most important issues facing the construction industry, its biggest challenges, and some suggested actions to address them.