Extension South Terminal 3, Frankfurt (Main)

Fraport AG Frankfurt (Main) 2014-2023 403.000 m²

T3 Fraport Titelbild

In the south of Frankfurt Airport, Terminal 3 is being built on the site of the former U.S. military base. 21 million travellers per year will be able to depart or arrive at the new terminal after its completion in 2023. When fully completed, Terminal 3 is designed to handle about 25 million passengers. The total of three construction phases of the terminal allow modular construction – depending on capacity requirements.

In 2005, the Frankfurt architect Prof. Christoph Mäckler won Fraport’s realization competition and his design is particularly impressive because of its modernity. Plenty of daylight provides a lot of warmth and light in the large rooms and therefore requires almost no artificial sources. Thanks to efficient construction and modern technology, it requires hardly any heating energy.



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