FAQ – Frequently asked questions

You have questions – We have answers. As comprehensive as information is: Questions always remain. Before you contact us, please read the most frequently asked questions below. This gives us more time to answer specific questions and shortens the response time for your specific questions.


If you would like to contact us, please use the contact form.

budget availability - Where can I see how much budget I have?

There are several ways to look at budget availability. The total budget can be found in the tab Budget and the view Cost Determination of PROBIS Expert, if a cost determination is created in PROBIS Expert. In addition, it is possible to view the budget and its distribution through various reports / filter options / individual evaluations. The preparation of the report is explained in one of our help videos – The Cost Report

project visibility - Why don't I see "my" projects?

In order to see all projects for which you have permission, you have to establish a server connection. How this works is explained in one of our help videos “Connection Manager”. If you have established a server connection and still don’t see “your” project, this can also be done by the authorization structure. Then please contact your system administrator.

user control - An employee is supposed to help me work on a project, how can I give him access?

Please contact your system administrator. If you are the system administrator yourself, you can add users to the project in the project in the higher menu bar under “Edit –> User control” using the plus button. If you cannot find a user, please contact support.

colour design - How do I change the color of PROBIS Expert?

To change the color, open the tab “Edit –> Settings” in the menu bar of the multi-project view (not within a project). There you can change the surface color under “General –> Color scheme”.

cost report - I would like to print a cost report, how does it work?

The preparation of the cost report is explained in our help video “The cost report” (Link: https://youtu.be/cm4EvX8hkM4). The report can be printed using the “Generate cost report view” button in the “Reports” tab and the “Print preview” button.

total payment amount - Where can I find my total payment amount?

You can see the total of payments in the last row of the table in the tab Project under the heading Project totals. Please also consider your cash discount.

Import Cost Determination - How can I import a cost calculation into PROBIS Expert?

The help video “Import cost calculation” shows you in detail how to import costings into PROBIS Expert. Note the exact assignment of the individual import rules. You can find the cost calculation in the Cost Calculation view in the Budget tab.

Help - I need help that goes beyond the FAQ, Help file and Help videos. Where can I find them?

Please feel free to contact us at the support addresses Tel.-Nr. +49 (0) 30 610822 777 // E-Mail probis@emproc.de

Establish server connection - How can I create a server connection?

To create the server connection you need the exact address of your access server, please ask your system administrator. To establish the server connection, you will find a detailed description in the help file (F1 in PROBIS Expert) or in our help video “Establish server connection”.

data validity - My values aren't right, how can that be?

Due to some incidents, valid data can appear as if an error had crept in. Try to update the project first (F5). Also the recalculation (F9) of a project sometimes brings light into the darkness. Otherwise, it is helpful to use the history function of the individual tabs to make certain changes to the project visible.

supplements - I would like to create a supplement, how does it work?

Creating a supplement works like creating an order title. Under the tab Orders in the relevant order it is possible to add a title by clicking the Add button. By changing the title type it can be displayed as a supplement. For this there is a help video “Orders and titles”. Only one must consider that the title type of the order title is changed by the dropdown menu to the type = supplement. Please also consider the status of the supplement when editing.

title - How can I structure my titles in a meaningful way?

A meaningful structure of the order titles depends on the respective order and its structure. It is important to have a meaningful and well thought-out structure (“codes”) for the structure titles. We recommend 01 Main Order, 02 Supplement, 03 Expected Additional Costs, 09 Reserve.

Code/code - structure What is a code?

A code defines a record element. For example, if you create a new job, you define it uniquely by assigning a code to it. A code must always be unique. It can be chosen arbitrarily, but must be followed consistently.

Codeeditor - What is the code editor?

The code editor helps to create code structures and thus outlines of data records. Since the code editor is a helpful support, but also an important definition basis, we recommend the help video “The Code Editor”.

catalogues - What are catalogues?

You can understand catalogs as filter criteria. Do you want to filter a data record? Then this data record must have criteria according to which you can filter. (For example, you can extend the data set “Cost elements” with the filter criterion DIN 276 or subobject (e.g. location such as auteil 1). You can then filter for elements in this data set. (For example, all elements with cost group 300 or all elements with the assignment component 1). The assignment of filter criteria takes place in PROBIS Expert in cost determination, where cost elements are linked with filter criteria, the so-called catalog elements, during import.

invoice amount - I have created an invoice, but nothing changes in my payment amount, why?

Please check whether the checkbox “Invoice checked” has been set in the tab Invoices. Only then is the invoice checked and can influence the payment amount. In the second step, you can also trace the retention amounts in the final invoice sheet of the respective invoice. It is possible that a retention has been made here, which is why your payment amount is not the same as the invoice amount.

Lanugage - How can I change the language of PROBIS Expert?

To change the language, open the tab “Edit –> Settings” in the menu bar of the multi-project view (not within a project). There you can change the language of PROBIS Expert under “General –> Language”.